Learning for Life

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

At A Good Start Child Care, your child will participate in developmentally age appropriate activities throughout the day. From 6 weeks to School Age, here are some of the activities for your child:

Story Time

Circle Time

Show and Tell

Age Appropriate Puzzles and Games

Math Time

Language Arts

Technology Time

Arts and Crafts

Diverse Music

Pre-Reading Activities

Multiple Learning Centers

Small and Large Muscle Routines

Home work assistance

And much much more

Benefits of attending A Good Start Child Care are:

Affordable rates

Accept children from 6 weeks to 12 years old to keep siblings together

Field trips

Daily Infant Report's

Close interaction with parents

Certified in Infant & Child CPR & First Aid

Etiquette instruction that teaches manners

Individual care and attention in a home based program

Multicultural program to educate about different cultures

A healthier environment than center based program (less illness)

Nutritious  Meals

Federal and State Fingerprints for Adult Household Members & Staff

Safe, fun and educational outdoor play & activities

You can rest assured that your child will be cared for with the utmost kindness, love and respect. I will offer the experience and quality that you expect and deserve from your Childcare Provider. 



Science curriculum is based on curiosity and reinforcing children's inherent curiosity through discussion and exploration. Preschoolers will also learn that science is part of their lives. Science can be the most interesting activities that preschoolers can engage with.

Reading and writing

Preschoolers will learn, understand and use a wide variety of new words. They will learn to read and write and can identify words and their sounds.


Preschoolers ​will be taught to count, measure, identify and create patterns, use numbers and word symbols, and more

Social Study 

Social studies curriculum helps children to understand themselves, their families, and communities. Through learning experiences related to history, culture and the environment, children enhance their self-identity and expand their experiences beyond the walls of their home and early childhood setting.


Music helps developing brains and will play a strong role in day-to-day activities. we may have special music activities and may also play music during other activities, for example, during arts and crafts or meal times. Some of the music we will be using may include, classical, children’s songs (by a variety of artists), foreign language tapes and others.

Preschool is a time of rapid growth and development. While the preschool curriculum is designed keeping in mind the physical and intellectual developmental characteristics of 2-5 year olds, there are certain milestones that most preschoolers should achieve before they begin kindergarten. During parent conferences we will discuss and promote open conversation and keep parents informed of their child's progress.